UMD Courses

Fall 2023:

CMSC 320 - Introduction to Data Science

Time: MW 3.30-4:45 pm (Location: Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center (ESJ), Room Number: 0224)

An introduction to data science i.e., the end-to-end process of going from unstructured, messy data to knowledge and actionable insights. Provides a broad overview of several topics including statistical data analysis, basic data mining and machine learning algorithms, large-scale data management, cloud computing, and information visualization.

DATA 200 - Knowledge in Society: Science, Data and Ethics

Previous course title: Best Practices for Big Data Collection and Analysis

Time: MWF 11-11:50 am (Location: William E. Kirwan Hall (MTH) , Room Number: 0411)

It is a new course offered as part of the Data Science minor. 

This course is dedicated to the study of ethical issues associated with data science, including data collection, gathering existing data, ethical use of data, data analysis with teams, repeatability, and reproducibility of data analysis, and academic and scientific integrity.

Previous Teaching Experience

George Mason University

CS 211 Object Oriented Programming (GTA & Lab Instructor)

CS 310 Data Structures

SWE 437 Software Testing and Maintenance

SWE 637 Software Testing

SWE 632 User Interface Design and Development

IUBAT— International University of Business Agriculture and Technology 

CSE 103 Fundamentals of Computers and Applications 

CSE 104 Computer Applications Lab

CSE 383 Programming (Java)

CSE 384 Programming (Java) Lab

CSE 437 Compiler Design

CSE 439 Visual Programming

CSE 440 Visual Programming Lab

CSE 455 Computer Graphics

CSE 461 Programming Language and Structure

CSE 490 Practicum

I've worked as a full-time Teaching Faculty (Lecturer) in Bangladesh for about 4 academic years and as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) at Mason for about 3 academic years.